The First E-gaming Championship On TV In The MENA Region.

16 Saudi seasoned gaming teams compete to win the Cup across qualifiers, 4 quarters, 2 semi-finals & 2-part final. The show will target the gaming community through the top-rated e- games, gaming community latest releases and news.

Competing Teams

Each team consists of 6 players from the video games talents and enthusiasts, as 96 gamers from the most famous video games enthusiasts compete, leded by 16 gaming YOUTUBERS from KSA and the Arab World.

The Teams


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The Ultimates


01 Esports


Team Falcons




25 E-Sports


ASMR eSports


Osh-Tekk Warriors






The Evil eSports








Program Presenters

The Program Is Hosted By The Presenter & E-gaming Expert RAKAN ASHAYEE; Together With MASHAEL MR.

Also, the journalist and the e-gaming content & parental rating expert; AHMED AL KIYADI; will be joining the hosting team. Reporting the last news from his gaming platform with more than a million avid subscribed elite gamers.

Program structure

Program Structure

In each episode, the presenters welcome two competing teams,  6 gamers in each one, to compete over three e-gaming challenges represented in three different video games;  announcing the winning team at the end of each episode.

Each Episode Will Host A VIP Guest From The KSA E-gaming Community.

Also, a presenter will join a news desk segment about headlines of the gaming industry in KSA & Internationally.

Qualifications At Three Stages-16 Episodes

Qualifiers- Bronze

Two teams compete out of 16 teams throughout 8 episodes. One winning team is selected in every episode and 8 teams will qualify for the 2nd stage.

Quarters- Silver

8 teams will compete in 4 episodes, and the 4 winning teams will qualify for the semi-finals.

Semi-finals- Gold

4 teams will compete in 2 episodes, in which 2 teams will qualify for the finals and will compete over the cup.

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218: Behind The Wall Of Silence

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The first user-generated movie inspired by the public directed by dream member Nahla Al Fahad. 
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